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Brain tumor symptoms ?

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I had a very bad headache about a weak ago.Started at the front of the head and progressed to top ending back of the neck.The pain was really bad,I waited to see if the headache will go but it got worse and when I took the ibrupro it took ages to subside.I even went to emergency because I though it wasn't just a headache it could be something worse.Two days after that I started getting a pain at the nape of the head I it felt very tense up and a headache progressed to the front and one side of the head.I took the tablet straight away and subsided pretty quick.Now I'm terrified of getting a headache in case is a brain tumor.I had same sort of headache 6 months ago I had them before but they scare the life out of me and DR send me for an MRIthey couldn't find anything,now I want to have another one done.Can tensionhead start front head and end in neck?If is a braintumor how long do they take to develop fully.With brain tumors do you get headaches on and off until the bad symptoms appear

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