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Brain Tumor, Stress or Anxiety?

So I have been having this weird feeling in the back of my head on the right side only everytime I get it it usually last for a week or longer my arms get tight and i feel like my scalp is twitching and my right ear feels clogged and full I keep thinking its a Brian tumor today I had a physical and my
vision was 20/40 and on my hearing test there is 4 beeps and I missed a beep in each ear I'm so worried that it's a brain tumor but my doctor keeps saying its not it's stress, he says if it were a tumor I would be vomiting and have trouble sleeping but I'm just convinced it is!! What do you guys think? What could cause the vision/hearing change and pain in the back of my right head
This has been gong on since November
*my right ear feels clogged
*I suffer from anxiety
* had this feeling for a week now wake up and it's still there
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replied January 17th, 2012
As a fellow anxiety sufferer, I would say trust your doctor on this one. Just the fact that you are worrying it could be a brain tumor is enough to push your anxiety into overdrive. I've been there a million times. Don't forget that anxiety can also impact your vision and hearing amongst many other things. Were you nervous at the appointment? If so, it could certainly explain the missed beeps and visual impairment. What you are feeling is certainly real. All anxiety symptoms are real. But we tend to try and self-diagnose. If your doctor is not seeing signs of your worst fear in this case - a brain tumor - then I would breathe a big sigh of relief and try some other stress/anxiety coping methods. If you doubt your doctor's diagnosis however, seeking a second opinion is always an option.
But all of your symptoms most certainly fall within the realm of anxiety-provoked sensations.
I hope your symptoms subside soon and your anxiety dissipates.
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