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Brain tumor?? Or worrying for nothing :(

hiya im a 19 year old female and have problems with health anxiety.. Over the last week i have been having pains in the left side of my head ... They come and go.. Lasting a few seconds and occuring around every 30 seconds.. Not sure how to explain this but this pain isnt that painfull ... It dosnt make me flinch amd dosnt make me want to take painkillers... I also have been having shooting pains in my left ear... When i press on my ear that hurts too... Thats about it for symptoms really...
This pain dosnt wake me from my sleep and probably wouldnt affect my daily life if i didnt let it.. To be honest i probably wouldnt even notice it. Its just that i cant stop thinking about it and for some strange reason i feel like im dying ... Its my birthday tomorrow and all i can think is whats the point. I know your not doctors but if anyone has had this terrible disese or knows anyone who has and has any information for me at all please share it with me.

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replied July 23rd, 2012
Hi Danielle, Maybe an ear infection. Im not trying to be mean but the symptoms really don't seem like brain tumor symptoms. Do you have any techniques to deal with your anxiety, meds to take for it, or a therapist to call and talk this out with. I think it make just be a case of panics (I once had my parents drive me to the hospital hwne i was 17 because I thought I was dying right then, the nurse was non too happy to see me ill tell ya!)
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