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Brain Numbness

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For several days I have felt the following symptoms:

1) Headache
2) Numbness in my head
3) Light headed/dizziness
4) Upset stomach
5) Extremely tired/No energy

Does anyone know why I may be feeling like this? I don't want to go to the doctor if it's nothing. Thanks for taking the time to help
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First Helper donnebonn

replied March 11th, 2009
Brain Numbness
myhealth28: I've been having the same symptoms for about 6 weeks. I feel numbness @ the base of my skull & up to the right and left sides of my skull suture. The seams in your skull that everyone has. I'm very disoriented, & when I try & think it hurts. Also, it feels like my brain is nauseous. Just like your stomach feels when you're going 2 throw up...feels like my brain wants 2 throw up. When I've told people, they look @ me like I'm crazy. I've considered going 2 psych ward @ hosp, but I really don't want 2 go being in prision.
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