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Brain fog, disassociation, derealization, unaware for no reason?

The past few days have been a blur of existence..i feel like im not fully conscience and i just float through the day without purpose. Even if that purpose were to relax, i cant return to my normal state of mind. i havent been doing much, its winter break and its been raining since it started. I cant stand feeling this way; being numb to holiday cheer, the meaning of getting presents and being around family. i feel incapable of doing the slightest thing that requires a thought process. I feel as if i have lost all ability to think at least somewhat clearly, which i could just do a few days ago.

Its as if my mind plays tricks on me and i slip into this brain fog tthe second its triggered. And them it takes way to long to get out of the fog maze thats in my brain. I feel like im crazy but im not. Maybe i am? Sometimes i give up on being aware of these anxiety/depression feelings because that just increases them. What is this that just drives me deeper into the problem, every time i feel like im cured im not. i need a rope to climb out of ithis pit i continue to fall into.

Anyways i feel helpless. I thought this winter vacation would finally be rest and relaxation away from highschool. but its turned into a day to day, dreamy. major disassociative and unfocussed existence that i cant stand. Its like i never really woke up to face the day.

Will i ever understand this? Right now, im clueless. Theres no trauma in my life besides anxiety that could cause the derealization. How do i get out of it and prevent it from hapoening when there is no cause
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replied December 24th, 2010
Stay away from caffiene and get yourself a prescript for Zoloft. I know how you feel. Try to keep yourself busy...crossword puzzles, word-finds, etc. Reading. Take bubble baths---men can do this too! Eat lots of whole grain foods and drink milk! Those foods boosts seratonin--the happy chemical in your body. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Merry Christmas!
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