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brain CT scan look ok? I have a dent on my skull. Worried

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I am 22 years old, male. I have a dent on my head since birth. I was delivered using forceps and suffered a ping-pong fracture over my left parietal lobe. I developed normally more or less. But during my teen years, Ive started to notice that my speech isnt as clear as it used to be. I have developed articulation problems. Maybe its stress or nervousness. I have become obsessed with this dent on my head. I feel like Im missing a part of my brain and that Im not as capable as others are. Pls help me out of my misery. Check my scans and see if they are normal. I can see a marked difference in the size of the left and right hemisphere where I have the dent. Is this ok? Also parietal lobe handles speech in the brain so is my speech problem related to my dent? Did my left parietal lobe not get enough space to develop? Pls help.
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