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BPD and Addiction and Homosexuality

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Hello. my boyfriend recently entered rehab for a 120 day program. he is addicted to cocain and an alcoholic. he also has borderline personality disorder. wow do i pick winners. despite all this he is an amazing person underneath and i am grateful that he is seeking treatment. here's my issue..before admitting himself into therapy he felt he needed to come clean to me about all the lies. he informed me that in his past he had done gay for pay. he was homeless, unemployed and desperate. while doing this he became aware of cocaine because it was a part of all his encounters. he later stopped the gay for pay but found himself addicted to the drug. when he wanted it and couldnt afford it he knew that all he had to do was go on craigslist and find a guy that had alot of drugs. he would hit guys up to just give him blow jobs and cocaine. he is VERY sexually attracted to women and him and i have always had an incredible sexual relationship so i am shocked. he said that when he was on drugs and it wasn't easy to find a girl to give him head he knew it was a sealed deal to find a guy online. he said he's never felt attraction just blocked that out for the act of sex. is this even possible? can being on drugs really make you have sex with men just to have sex?? he said he never once would ever do it if drugs werent in his system. i'm so confused. i don't know what to think or how bisexuality works or how people think when they are on drugs. please help. i dont believe my boyfriend is gay.. he has always had girlfriends and is attracted to females only unless he just wants to get off and is high.
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replied November 18th, 2011
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Drug addiction will make a person do things they would not ordinarily do. Unspeakable things!
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