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Boyfriend who won't believe

So I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half and I love every minate of it but I have noticed that he gets very angry at times and at first it was just at me as I dident really think much of t because coples gift but now its not just me its everyone. He looks like a crazy person when he gets mad I don't know what to do I've tried to get him help I told his parents and theve talked to him but that only helped at first but now he is becMming unstoppable he's getting to the point where when something didn't go his way he screams and he gets so mad he's begone hitting me.... I love him so much I can't leave him because I have faith that he will change but everytime I tell him I think he's bipolar he just blows it off he says he will get help but then he lies he's lying all the time now. I need someone to tell him he has a problem please some one help me diagnose my love of my life
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replied April 7th, 2012
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A few things:

1) You asked for help with a diagnosis, yet the only symptoms you mention is uncontrolled anger; that's not enough to work with. What other symptoms is he showing?

2) Loving someone with bipolar disorder (assuming for the moment that your bf does have it) is just about the hardest job in the world. Most people will tell you to run far and run fast, that bipolars are just manipulative and abusive. Me, I'm not going to tell you that--but then I'm a schizophrenic in a relationship with a bipolar. Stop by the Life, Love, and Bipolar site and do some reading.

3) If he's violent towards you, it needs to be over. Abuse is not love, and tolerating it isn't love either. You deserve better. And you deserve to be safe.

Luck to you
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