My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now.....He has smoked it and was addicted to it in the past and has gone to jail for it. When I met him I was under the impression he would never do it again...but He has done it twice and snorted it once...We have a two month old baby now...I am afraid he will become addicted to it again. He says he won't because he has too much to lose and he never had anything important ot lose before he just wants to let lose because he works so hard. What should I do I am scared...I don't do any drugs....Please help Crying or Very sad

Thank you
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replied May 22nd, 2008

I don't know a lot about crack but I saw your post and you seem upset so I thought i'd reply. When did he go to jail for it? Was it some time ago and has he improved since? If he was using crack I'd say you would notice a lot of changes. I'm just going by what other party drugs do to you. Change of appearance, losing weight.
If he's done it a couple of times like once a yr i wouldn't worry all too much but if he's done it in a short period of time then i would worry. I really hope someone else replies for you with some more useful information that understands this addiction better.

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