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boyfriend says there's no way I could be...

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Hi. So I'm fifteen years old and me and my boyfriend has sex about I month ago. I was on my period which I started that Monday we had sex in tuesday.I'm on birth control I've been on it fir about two years I'm usually good about takeing it but over the two years I have missed some pills. But that month I had taken all of them. He did not use a condum but he pulled out.after we had sex I contenued being on my period for about three days after.and the day rift after I was bleeding even more. I have been verry stressed. And most oof it is because of being scared I couldbhave gotten pregnate.I am now suposed tto be on my period. But instead I am haveing light brown discharge with a little blood in it.I have had symptoms of geting my period. Ibroke out in acne I'm haveing cramps and I'm bloated. My boyfriend says there's no way I could be because he did not cuminside me. Please help. Thanks Smile
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replied May 2nd, 2012
Hi , I think you are stressing your self and that makes the delay of your menstruation , it is normal .This procedure starts on the brain ,so thinking to much block the process so try to relax and they might come Smile)

try not to have sex during your menstruation IT IS NOT HEALTHY !
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