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boyfriend on maoi but still getting depressed

boyfriend is on 60 mg of parnate and 7.5 mg of deplin and still have major depressive episodes...i have only dated him for 5 months but have witnessed at least 2 entire separate weeks of depression the last two months, a shorter bout in august and some other behavior that is concerning....fatigue, and also the inability to sleep at night at times.....
he recently shut me out without any notice and has been telling me how much he loves me the last couple of months, also almost in a desperate manner crying to me during these times of depression...i live 95 miles away from him and he has kids so not with him 7 days a week but like 2 days...he has stopped repsonding to my texts emails and calls and i am at a loss.
does anyone have any advice...
my almost exboyfriend tried suicide two years ago and had been on many meds but apparently didnt respond, he also had ect..should i be more concerned my boyfriend is a jerk or is he just depressed...

trying to understand why he would do this to me after loving him in a safe, supportive and nurturing manner for months...i did so much for him and now he is just dismissing me like i am just a stranger.

he is taking his meds, he sees a therapist and psychiatrist and always seemed to be able to get his work done and focused on his work more then anything besides his children...seemed like he was a different person when dealing with his work obligations and i saw him much more aggressive and outgoing when it came to that ... really confused as to why a person who claims to love you would just turn his back on me/?? out of the blue and without any indication.
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