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Boyfriend of 3 years gave me hpv genital warts

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years monogamously. About 5 months ago I notice what looked like a skin tag right below the base of his penis. I didn’t think anything of it since it looked like a skin tag. Well 3 months later I take another look and right next to the “skin tag” there’s clearly a wart. Now I have what looks like a wart. He won’t go to the doctor about it (he has no insurance) and says it will go away on its own which I know the virus does, but do the actual warts? Would him cheating on me be the only way he got them? My wart showed up within a couple of months after noticing he had them and the virus should be gone by now if he got it before we started dating. Is it possible for him to have had this virus before we started dating?
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replied June 9th, 2019
I am not a doctor but i read so much about HPV the last two years.
First, the virus can lay dormant in the human’s body for decades before it shows any symptoms. The tricky part is that it can as well reactive itself anytime depending on your partner’s immune system. So, that doesn’t mean necessarily that he cheated, it means that the infection had reactivated itself. As for your wart, you should wait a couple of weeks if it’s not gone, you should consult a health provider. You might have to undergo a simple laser procedure to remove it. Don’t worry about it much!
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