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Boyfriend not talking.

I apologize because this is a long story.

My boyfriend is a gamer type, I'm used to him spending ages playing games and forgetting about msn chats and such. I'm used to him talking to his friends about games a lot - more than he should. But I'm also used to him noticing either because I pointed it out or just because he noticed and before he has always said sorry and worked really hard to not do it again. This time it's not happening, and it slightly different.

I do not like his friends. I can't stand them, trust me I've tried. The person whom he usually always talks to is a nasty person. I can't even really describe how horrid he is, you would have to be there to understand the full extent. He just does not care about anybody else. He makes racist jokes, he is very offensive about everything and he openly attacks me (shouting & swearing at me) whenever I'm near him.. such as when I stopped him from hurting somebody (he was strangling him). He is just a horrible person and I cannot stand to be around him. So for my own good, I refuse to stand anywhere he is. I've tried being civil but it doesn't work.

The other person who caused this whole problem used to be my friend. Until she started spreading lies about me and lied to my face twice when I asked her if she had done it. So I can also no longer stand to be around her.

The problem is, my boyfriend (who the lies were about as well) didn't even flinch. He didn't say anything to her, he pretends like nothing happened and expects me to do the same.

This is really upsetting me because has barley spoken to me for five days and I feel like I'm being blamed for everything though I've not done anything wrong. I tried to talk to him about it last night and he just kept saying that he wanted to forget about it and move on and refused to listen when I explained that I couldn't just forget and forgive. I can't be around her and he doesn't bother to talk to me anymore.

What should I do?
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replied April 3rd, 2011
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replied June 27th, 2011
tell him that you need to talk about it and that it needs to be sorted. when you're in a relationship your partner comes first. im 17 and for most couples my age that isnt the case, but ive been dating my boyfriend for nearly 4 years and neither of us would put up with that. if one of my friends had a problem with them, i would have nothing to do with them. the same goes for him. and we always talk about and deal with problems together. he isnt putting you first, and he needs to, or he needs to find another girlfriend.

i wish you luck.
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