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bowel problems, diahrrea for the last 5 weeks

Hi have been having diahrrea for the last 5 weeks went from loose stools to very watery,bloating and gas with stomach cramps abdonimal pain, feeling sick fatigue and joint pain,and pain and swelling in hip severe pain when opening bowels have tried mebeverine from doctor and charcoal tablets but just blow up more. Have had this going on and off for 14 years when diagnosed with endometriosis so thought was part off this but have had hysterectomy,ovary out,appendicts,and bowel leisions taken off the symptoms have got alot worse so can not always get to the toilet also found that spicy food or fatty foods just go straight through me would like to now if anyone else is having this happen?would be gratefull of any replies
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replied June 23rd, 2013
bowel problems and diahrrea
I have bowel problems every sunday morning, i try to drink as much water as possible during the week, but sunday is the worse day for me. I always have to take 3 dumps before 10 am every sunday and i'm tired of it. Why can i have regular movements during the week? Some sundays i have diahrrea on sundays bad diahrrea to.
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