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Bowel and Rectal Bleeding Problems!?.....

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I have had the following conditions for almost two years now actually, and they are honestly ruining my life! :*(

1. Rectal bleeding + blood clots (bright red - the darker blood clots themselves!)
2. Bowel fragmentation.
3. Excess mucus and blood.
4. Narrow stool.
5. BOS (bowel obsessive syndrome.)
6. Constipation.
7. Straining.

I go every other day usually, and have to devote almost the entire day to going back and fourth on the stool/toilet actually. After wards from all the straining, wiping up blood from everywhere, using an entire role of toilet paper in the process (which is getting real expensive honestly!) I end up being really exhausted at the end of that particular day, and have to go straight to sleep usually... All this is ruining my life, by adding on to the tons of stress already prevalent in my life at the moment. I am afraid to go places, in fear of constantly having to use the bathroom while I am out actually (which has happened before and most recently as well.) I am missing out on life, and my life is passing me by because of all these symptoms. What could I have or what could they be? None of my doctors know, and I truly need to know honestly? Can someone or anyone out there help me at all?

P. S. I also had internal hemorrhoid surgery back in September of last year, and also a sigmoidoscopy back in February as well too also actually!
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First Helper feebz2

replied July 11th, 2011
a couple years ago i started passing blood and mucus. i was always tired and in pain and it took months for the doctors to figure out what was wrong. it turned out i have Crohn's disease, an autoimmunity, inflammatory bowl disease. you maybe have to see a gastro specialist for a colonoscopy. depending on where you live they should have a specialist in the city you live in or close to you. i live in northern california and had to go to san fransisco (an hour drive south) to meet my specialist.
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