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Both Parents have Pancreatic Cancer

Both of my parents have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My mother was diagnosed 3 years ago, underwent a successful Whipple followed by chemotherapy and is, as of now, doing very well. This past November my father was diagnosed with the same thing. His journey is ongoing and he has encountered some bumps along the way, but we are trying to remain positive. One of the major problems for my father was that the doctors knew of my mother's history, which greatly delayed the diagnosis. In fact, the one thing doctors were sure my father did NOT have was pancreatic cancer, since… what are the odds that a husband and wife would BOTH get exactly the same cancer?

Despite the clear flaw in that thinking, and the subsequent anger I feel over it, I do understand it. The idea of 2 unrelated people, both in basically good health, neither of whom has any history of pancreatic cancer in their families, developing the same rare form of cancer (similar tumor size, same location in the pancreas, etc.) within such a short time just seems massively unlikely. And yet, since my father's diagnosis I've become aware of at least 2 other couples in the New York area who are going through a similar situation, so... how unlikely is it really?

Moreover, if the cause of their cancer is not genetic but environmental, and the lead time for pancreatic cancer tends to be around 20-25 years (or so I’ve read) ... what level of risk is there for their 3 children (myself included), all of whom are over 30 years of age and thus old enough to have experienced the same environmental factors?

I've been scouring the web but have found very little, other than confirmations that it has been known to happen (clearly), and that the incidence of simultaneous cases of pancreatic cancer in spouses seems slightly higher than simultaneous cases of most other non-smoking related cancers.

So, here I am! I'm looking for any information on the occurrence of pancreatic cancer in spouses as well as suggestions on where else to look or who to talk to. Has anyone here had any experience with this phenomenon? Is there any known research being done on possible causes for spousal pancreatic cancer?

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any information I can get.
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