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Both ears muffled and ringing?

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I'm a 20 year old female who has had perfect hearing my entire life. I have Reactive Hypoglycemia and Celiac Disease. I have had seasonal allergies since I was child. I also think it's important to add that I have small Eustachian tubes, as noted by my doctor.

On March 14th, I woke up with ringing in both of my ears, and muffled hearing. My hearing is fine when I am in a quiet room. However, if there is background noise, (loud music, a crowd talking, etc.) I only hear 85%-90% of what is being said. If the person is in another room from me, I also have a bit of trouble. Other symptoms include my ears popping randomly and whenever I swallow, sinus cavity pains on my forehead and across the bridge of my nose, drainage down my throat/"croopy" voice, a feeling of pressure in my ears, occasionally itchy ear canals, and, when purposely trying to open my Eustachian tubes, a creaking sound in my ears, like someone is stepping on a floorboard.

My friend's mom, who is a nurse, had me do the "Hum Test" and the phone test. Both of my ears have equal hearing, so she does not suspect that I have a sudden hearing loss.

I have not been exposed to loud noises. I have never been to a shooting range, nor have I shot a gun, I have never been to a bar/club, I have never been to a concert, and I even wear ear plugs when watching fireworks because my ears are usually sensitive. Admittedly, between the ages of 10-15, I spent about one to two hours a night listening to my Walkman with headphones on 100% volume. However, between the ages of 15-20, I have used my iPhone to play music. I try to always use noise-canceling ear buds and/or headphones. I never listen to my music at 100% volume, and am careful to keep it at 70%-75% volume or lower for 45 minutes to an hour at a time with an hour or more break in between. (Before this incident, I kept my volume at 40%-50%.)

I am VERY nervous because after nine days, my symptoms have not gotten any better. Each day, I have taken Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray, (Flonase), a decongestant, and my regular vitamins. (Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, etc.) My doctor is hesitant to once again put me on amoxicillin because I have taken it regularly since I was 17. (I have gotten sinus infections twice a year since that age.)

Do my symptoms sound like I have just another sinus infection, or should I be worried that I have permanently lost some of my hearing? The pollen count has been very high in my area lately.

I apologize for the lengthiness, but I appreciate anyone who reads this and responds.

Thank you!
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