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born with only one kidney. Sometimes I still get pains...

Hi everyone.
I am 21 years old. I was born with only one kidney. Sometimes I still get pains in my back that I know are kidney pains because I remember when I used to get them as a child and my mum would have to take me to the hospital if it got really bad. It feels like if I sit up to high it hurts and if I huntch my back to much it hurts aswell so I have to sit in a certain position to make sure there is no pain. If i go into one of the positions it instantly gives me a sharp pain where my kidneys are and I have to adjust to a position so it won't hurt anymore. It usually happens maybe 2 times a year. But it has already happened 4 times this year. The pain can be so bad that it puts me in tears sometimes. I am wondering does anyone know if I should be worried about my other kidney because I only have one kidney?
Thank you
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replied May 23rd, 2012
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Its possible that you may have a kidney stone. I would try going to a Urologist and have them do an Abdominal x-ray on you as well as check you for a kidney infection...If you have a kidney stone. Ask a doctor for some Toradol for the pain. Its a strong anti-inflammatory med that I have prescribed to me for when I pass kidney stones. They give me the same think if I pass one and go to the ER so its cheaper to do that at home unless it becomes obstructed. I would definately see a Urologist though..
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