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Born with inverted hips and knees

I am not sure why but I was born with inverted hips and knee's it was noticed early on and I was just told to run a lot to try to straighten up as a kid. So sitting like a upside reversed Indian style was the position most relaxing to me. I am now 26 years old. I've dealt with always walking a little funny, running like a duck and hating yoga because my body simply could not stretch that way. It is very embarrassing to be so awkward, not to mention my hips are so tight I can't do the things I love and feel I could physically do if I were just normal. I suppose I'm upset cause I took a jazzercise class today and I was so incredibly bad at the squats constantly inverting my knees and kicks inverted, no ability to sit with such tight hips on the mats really. Even though my family is medical they pretend this isn't that big of a deal and to deal with being such a klutz. I am 5"10 and chubby, I feel like I am working for nothing. What can I do to loosen my hips? Can you ever do something to your body to normalize such inverted body parts? Do workout machines and "normal" exercises affect my body the same way, such as are my muscles getting the impact they should, if not what should I do? Is there something I should sit on for doing sitting sports like kayaking to stop my hips from tightening. How does such inverted body parts influence giving birth and your internal functions, such as the female parts.. does this influence it to having abnormal issues or pressures? Does this issues weaken muscles faster? I feel I lose muscle at a rapid rate. Thanks so much for responding or just reading, any advice would be highly appreciated.
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First Helper chelsey_millard

replied October 8th, 2009
DO try Pilates!! Smile
it works wonders!

i gotta know, because i suffer from a scoliotic pelvis
(have got hip- and knee problems too and one leg is about half an inch shorter)
and my lower back is pretty stiff thanks to that,
plus i'm in a lot of pain most of the time,
but pilates is really good!
i'm sure it could loosen your hips as well.
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replied October 13th, 2009
I also have inverted hips, however it would seem less severe. I find that pilates and doing what stretches you can do to be helpful. I've been doing them for five years now and have noticed my hips to loosen up a bit Smile
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replied October 23rd, 2009
inverted hips
I have inverted hips 35 degrees and i am 18 years old. I have messed with a local doctor for 3 years before ever getting a answer. I went to iowa city searching and i finally got one. I have surgery a 3 months ago today on my right hip. (it has never felt better!) and my next one is in 5 days! its a long process but i have stopped running like a duck and no pain in my right hip. it is kind of dramatic surgery but totally worth it! What they did is go in and cut my femour bone in two then twist the top part back to where it is suppose to be!
-Chelsey 18
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replied December 22nd, 2009
Does anyone have a picture of what inverted hips look like? I am trying to figure out if I have that problem and I can't find any images.
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replied November 20th, 2012
Inverted Hips in my wife
My wife seem s to be suffering from the same thing and I don't know what to do for her. She can bare walk a block before her hips start to really hurt and they seem to lock up where her right leg is hard to even pick up and move. Chelsey who is the doctor you saw and what was the condition he diagnosed you with. I would love to see my wife with no pain. Thank you everyone for the post.
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