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borderline dissorder and depression

I suffer from borderline dissorder and depression. At times i feel like im going crazy and like im in a black hole that no one can help me and i become even more depressed. Im in a relationship to a good guy but i destroy everything. Every relationship i always screw up. And now im braking down for no reason.. Please someone advise!!!! I dont wanna end up a lonely old person all by myself in this word.
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First Helper Alex2527

replied October 24th, 2011
well.. suffer from the same dissorder and i know what you're feeling.. have you tried seeing a psychiatrist? maybe some medication to be more stable in your relationships? maybe that would be a good idea.. and if you don't want.. well it's a matter of selfcontrol. look for the reason why you screw things up, there's always a reason. In my personal experiece, i used to screw things up coz i was used to unstable things and relationships.. so when i was feeling "too well" i needed some mess. It was something unconsious, i just couldn't enjoy when everything was ok. now i'm learning to do it and i can tell you it feels great. it takes a huge effort but it's possible. I stopped taking my medication and cutting myself, and i just have semanal sessions with my shrink. It really helps me.
you just need to control your emotions with your head. no self-pity and just rationalize things. Remember you'll feel even worst if you lose the person you love.
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