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Bony lump on right rib

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About eight months ago I was driving and when I was stopped at a red light, I leaned over to the passenger side to grab something that fell off the seat. I don't remember if my ribs were pressed against the gears as I was leaning, but I felt an extreme pain in them when I got up. I didn't hear anything crack, but I felt a lump that felt like a bone on the top of my right rib (below my breast) that was not there before.

The next morning, I was still in pain, so my mom took me to urgent care to have it looked at. The doctor said I probably just strained my rib and will be in pain for about 6 weeks. For the next 6 weeks, I applied heat to my rib and took Tylenol for the pain. After 6 weeks, the pain eventually went away, but the bony lump was still there.

Earlier this month, my mom noticed the bony lump when I was swimming and demanded I get it looked at. The doctor wasn't sure what it was, so she ordered some X-Rays. Nothing showed up and the radiologist said it was due to pain and trauma, which isn't what the doctor wanted to know. Now she is ordering another test that will tell her what this mysterious lump is. I still have not made the appointment and I have no idea what the test is going to be.

I just had a blood test for a white cell count after the doctor first looked at the lump earlier this month and everything came back negative, so hopefully that rules out cancer.

is it possible for a calcium deposit to form after an injury and if it is just that, is it something that can be left alone? I have no problems breathing and I am no longer experiencing pain. The lump has not changed in size since my injury either.

I'm a 23 year old active female who has always been healthy if that helps any.

Does anyone else have this or know what this could be? Anything would be most helpful. Thanks!
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