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Bony growth on back of ankle, being sent for tumour scan.

Within the past few months I have developed a growth on the back of my right ankle. It has been growing at a rapid rate. It hurts all the time and there are not many shoes that I can fit on my right foot now.

I was sent to a physiotherapist who gave me exercises to strengthen my ankle, but these did not help as my growth grew bigger.

I was then sent for an x-ray. However on the x-ray there was no sign of any bony growth. I was then referred to a specialist who is sending me for a scan as they believe it may be a tumour as it has become quite large and is completely hard.

I was wondering if there is anyway that you or anyone can tell whether it would be cancerous or not before having a scan?

Also, if it does turn out to be cancerous, what would the treatment involve? And is there a high death rate for tumours like this?

Thank you.
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replied June 7th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

No, there is no way to tell if the mass is malignant, just by looking at it. For some bony tumors, the appearance on x-ray can be suggestive. But, this is a soft tissue tumor. The appearance on MRI can tell if the mass looks to be benign or aggressive.

Treatment can not even be determined until the mass is diagnosed and staged. Now days, if a tumor is malignant, they are being caught at earlier stages, so mortality due to these is much lower than even a decade ago. One, sort of advantage, with extremity tumors is that the tumor can be amputated for a cure, while tumors in the body cannot be.

But, don't go wild, you don't even know what this thing is yet. Get the studies, then sit down with the physician and ask as many questions as you need.

Good luck.
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