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I am a 22 year old male. I have been experiencing bone pain in my knees since 9-10 months.
Initially i experienced it during the winter months and I ignore it. But after few months I realized it didn't go away. So, I started exercising in the gym - treadmill, weight lifting etc. The pain still persists. Also, I got my bone density checked - I got a T-score of 3.95.
A score of 0 to -1 is considered normal whereas below -1 means there is weakness in bones. But mine is + 3.95. I don't understand why is it so high. I recently went to a doctor and he did an X-ray and my bones looked fine. He just suggested me some knee exercises and said that less cartilage around the bones might be a problem. Also, he suggested me to go for a fluoride test as high concentration of fluoride does increase bone density. Recently I have also started experiencing sensitivity in my elbow joint and in the sides of the chin.

Can anyone help?
Is it due to low levels of calcium and vitamin D? I admit I don't get those in proper doses.
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replied December 4th, 2016
Fluoride can cause joint pain
Fluoride can make bones thicker but more brittle If you drink lots of fluoridated water (and other sources of fluoride), fluoride could be the cause. Also get your spine x-rayed. Back abnormalities can affect knees. However, both calcium and vitamin D are essential.
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