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Bone pain and Arthritis in 5 year old ?

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My soon to be 6 year old son has been complaining a lot about knee pain but now it seems to be more in the bones of the thigh and lower legs going down into the ankles. Could this still be arthritis in the bones? Mine is always more in the joints of the fingers, ankles...places I hear other complain about but my son is complaining that it is the bones that hurt in his legs. I am making him an appt with his Dr. He keeps getting fevers out of nowhere that last a few hours then leave with no other symptoms but being tired, bones hurting and the fever. Should I ask his Dr about arthritis or is this most likely something else?
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replied January 6th, 2011
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Hi worriedmomohio: Hopefully all is well with your son...It is possible he is having some fast growing pains, but I am not sure about the arthritis...Take care...

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