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Bone loss at 25?

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So, my boyfriend had a scary trip to the dentist this morning (aren't they all?) after not going for 2 years.

Unfortunately, he's gets shy/nervous/scared easily so he didn't ask as many questions as he should have. His dentist told him that he has gum problems (didn't say if it was gingivitis, periodontitis, or whatever else), and some bone loss (no idea if it's mild, severe, or somewhere in between). He prescribed him antibiotics and a 10 pressure setting waterpik, but didn't explain what could have caused the bone loss.

He also has genetic stomach issues which prevent him from eating/drinking a lot of calcium-rich things such as milk and other dairy products, orange juice, soy products...recently, I've been getting him into some alternative calcium-rich foods like spinach and greens, but I'm wondering if the calcium deficiency could have contributed to the bone loss.

He has very good dental hygeine: brushes after every meal, flosses a few times a week, uses Listerine mouthwash two times a day. And aside from the two year break, he was going to the dentist once a year consistently. What could cause bone loss so young and rapidly? Every article I've looked at has attributed things like osteoporosis and other things associated with older age, so I'm at a loss. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be really appreciated! Thanks, ehealth community!
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