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Bone grinding for dentures ?

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I need to get bottom dentures, however, I have been told that the space between my bottom teeth from one side of my mouth to the other side is too narrow and something like 'bone grinding' would have to be done for their to be enough room for the plate to sit. I know it sounds crazy, but has anyone else had to have bone ground down in order to wear a bottom denture plate? My mouth looks funny inside compared to others. Most people have a lot of room under their tongue, but I have a very narrow little valley where my frenulum connects at the bottom. Any one know what this is called? I would look it up oh line if I knew what to google!
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replied August 20th, 2009
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First I would google "bone grinding" to see what it says...Second I would question if there was anything else that they could do without having this invasive surgery...This does not sound like fun...Check it out and do your homework on this...Possibly even a second opinion...Good luck...

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