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I was helping move a bookshelf to help my teacher friend move into her classroom when the empty shelves fell onto my pinky in the inner corner. It hurt and there was blood but I put a bandage on it and thought nothing of it. It's probably been a month or so by now and it's been healed over for a week or so but has remained sensitive when I intentionally touch it directly.

I just noticed it today and it feels like there's something quite solid left in there. It feels as though I can move it around and it is cutting tissue deep within when moved even slightly. My pinky is as fully functional as it was before the injury but I'm wondering if I should remove the fragment. It's only mildly painful but it's become mildly infuriating since I play piano and guitar and especially so now that I'm hyperaware of it all the time, not to mention it looks quite unsightly.

I've heard that bone fragments can simply dissolve over time but I can't find good literature specifically about my specific case. I'm as destitute as it comes so x-rays and surgeons are far out of the question. If removal or exploratory surgery is the favored option I would certainly appreciate instructions on how to go about doing so such as what angle to cut at, the best alternative to a scalpel, how and where to make the incision et cetera.

Sorry for the potato quality images.

Thanks in advance!
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replied September 17th, 2014
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Hello FingerFumbler, sorry to hear of your injury. I know with my injury, and others the body will absorb bone fragments over time; which I was able to witness through my healing process, and many different X-Rays.

However, with yours being the pinky, and the need to use it for your activities can certainly interfere with things; hence talking with a doctor.

My biggest recommendations would be taking vitamin D, and Calcium supplements I can't stress enough! I know in my case it really helped my bones!

I wish you the best, and hopefully this bone fragment will resolve quickly.

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