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Bone cancer survival rate without treatment

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My grandfather has been diagnosed with a type of bone cancer (I don't yet know which kind). Unfortunately, he contracted Hepatitis C while in the Coast Guard from a blood transfusion and cannot undergo normally treatments for bone cancer. Any idea on much longer I can expect to enjoy his company? As the eldest grandchild, I'm not ready to say goodbye and I want to enjoy the time we have left together...
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replied August 11th, 2008
Survival rate
It all really depends on the patient (how old they are, medical history, other cancers they have) The survival rate varies heaps and changes over time. My grandmother has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. She also currently has liver cancer and a brain tumour, but can't recieve treatment. My mum refused to tell me how long she had to live. I think it may be a few weeks or a few months. I'll keep you posted once I actually find out.

Here is a website with a little more information on survival rates, but it doesn't tell us how long a patient will live without treatment: e2.htm

Here is the National Cancer Institute homepage for bone cancer: one

Hope this info can help

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replied June 15th, 2010
First thing in the morning - on an empty stomach, take 1 teaspoon of Black Walnut Tincture (use 1 and a half teaspoons Black Walnut Hull Tincture,if you weigh 150 lbs. or over)- Put the Tincture in about 2 oz. of pure water and drink it down, wait one minute and then drink some extra pure water, to begin the cleaning process.

Do NOT take any medication or eat anything for the first 15 minutes after you have taken the Black Walnut Hull Tincture, because the Black Walnt Hull Tincture will hunt out any Parasite or disease causing factor and will flush it out of your system. As it does this it will take out your medication as well.

That is why you should NOT take your medication or vitamins before you take the Black Walnut Hull Tincture, and you should wait 15 minutes before taking anything else in your mouth. After the 15 minutes you can resume your regualr daily regime.

In the beginning you can do this once a week, for the first 4 weeks. After that, you can do this program once every 2 weeks, and so on.

Once you are rid of the parasite (the Flux) that causes cancer, you should do this again every 6 months to be sure it's gone and stays gone.

If you're a smoker, you must stop smoking immediately, because smoking removes Vitamin C from your body, and Vitamin C is vital in fighting off any disease.

Spending too much time in Hot Sun will also take out your Vitamin C, so you'll have to replenish you Vitamin C intake on days when you're out in the sun for longer than an hour. Limes and Lemons offer a excellent source of Vitamn C.

Eat more raw fruits and raw vegetables that have been nature grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Blue Berries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Apples, Raw Carrot Juice made at home in a Juicer are all excellent disease fighters. You can even blen these together according to taste. DO NOT ADD SUGAR - If your juices need sweetening, just add a naturally sweetened Fruit.

Bring in these little warriors and they will help you a lot.

Experiment and hunt for recipies from healthy sources.
Wanting the best of health for everyone. It's no fun being sick.

Remember: Our Bodies do not know what to do with Chemicals and Synthetics,so it stores everything which eventually makes us sick and over weight.

The government allows farmers and growers to use these dangerous chemicals in their breeding, feeding, and growing, to produce more food - but the food is Not CLEAN when it is filled with dangerous chemicals.

So we have to read labels carrefully, (or grow our own) and learn the difference between Synthetics and Natural - Synthetics are NOT Natural.

Best of Health to Everyone.
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replied May 20th, 2012
my daughter has osteoscarma and have been following an alkaline diet. any help you can give.
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replied July 14th, 2010
HealingGoddess I would love to chat?
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