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boils popping up every day

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I am not sure if I should be worried. I got a boil about 2 inched below my belly button. It was painful and lasted a bit. I applied antibiotic ointment and then it went away leaving a dark color on the skin. Then a few days later, another one showed up 2 inches lower than the first one and was also painful with pus. It started to drain. I think I made a mistake and squeezed it to get the pus out. Then another showed up on my right leg, then left leg and then a second one on the right leg. I mader a mistake and popped the one on my left leg. I have been using antiseptic cleansers and applying antibiotic ointments and covering with bandages. I am also showering with Isoderm soap. Now some are healing, but others are still popping up. I have one on my knee and another on my belly amongst the 8 or 9 I have. Yesterday, I felt a dull pain (more like an annoyance) on my left waist just under the rib cage and to the front side.

I am trying to figure out if this is serious infection (maybe I increased it by popping or trying to drain the pus), or if it is kidney or organ related, or sign of diabetes, or something else. I have no fever. The latest boild on my knee and right leg hurt. Any ideas???

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