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boiling stomach

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my name is allie and i have been experiencing boiling sounds from my stomach for almost 2 years now. twice a week i would throw up. it gets louder when i eat bread cheese butter. it bothers me from my sleep and it worries me. i am afraid i might have a tumor or cancer. although i don't get pains from the stomach. it does not only occur in the stomach. but in the instinces too and above my ovaries and the sides. it travels all over my belly. i know i am not smart and know about medical things but that why i came here for help.i can not afford to go to the doctor and my father cannot help. i am only 18 years old. i am very concern about my own body. i sometimes feel lightheaded and very tired. i do go to the bathroom regularly and i eat normal. its my stomach giving strange annoying vibration inside. its very strong and it sounds like a boiling water (and i can really feel that). it really bothers me a lot. please help me.

thank you,
alexzandra v.
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First Helper pr3ttiluv1

replied March 31st, 2011
i also experiencing boiling sounds from my stomachs, and it was recently only...
maybe because, I'm acidic person, because I drink coffee every morning, and i drink alcohol occasionally, before I've been in a Diet situation, I am lack of sleep, sometimes I'm over fatigue,
would you please help me to remedy this kind of pain or disease?

thanks a lot!
I'll wait for your response.....
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