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Boil on left leg and black hole

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I had this thing on my leg for three weeks it was really big and liquidy, then over night it poped it was very painfull and when I woke up alot of brown yellow liquid was coming out after wards.
I squeezed it out and after a lot of effort all of the liquid came out.
I cleaned it and bandaged it but every time I took out the bandages there was blood and more of the yellow/brown liquid.
After about 2 weeks it stoped and all I was left with was some skin that came out and a small black hole about the size of a niddle point and a dark mark around it.
I hoped it would go away but it won't I on't know what's wrong so I was hoping someone could help.
Thank you.
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replied July 14th, 2010
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Hi Looky: If this continues to bother you then have a doctor look at it...If it was a boil it may take a while to heal up...Sometimes the cores in these are deep...Treating with hot water is a safety measure...Take care...

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