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body pains.....Tendonitis? Lupus?

I walked my hand into the wall (accidentally) over a year ago* and it was extremely painful. My wrist has been paining ever since sometimes it gets quite painful. When I wrote it didn't really aFfect my wrist and thumb from bumping it. Besides that my arms have always been sensitive to bumps like someone would softly punch me on my arms, but it is extremely sore. When writing and lately, and even if I don't I get pains along my bones or tendons or what ever it is (the thin bones going from my wrist up to under my arm pit) these have a sensitive dumb irritating painful sensation in certain areas these pain feel like they are in my writing (right) arm. I sometimes feel this sort of pain next to my spine in an area of muscle. I doubt these are growing pains or muscle pains, my legs also get numb and pins and needles a lot quicker than they use to could these sympoms all be related? Could this be Tendonitis ? I doubt it is Lupas as I'm sure I would feel worse, but my aunt has tested positive for lupas. Could these be signs of lupas new to my body? Could it be cancer at all? My grandfather died of cancer?
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