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Body aches/flu like every afternoon +yeast inf + headaches?

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I should probably start comprehensively with a bit of history. Please bear with me because at this point, I don't know what matters or what's irrelevant...

*3-4 weeks ago I was experiencing severe headaches and shoulder/trapezius pain. Painful to the touch, helped a bit with ibuprofen and stretching/massage. Lasted at least a week, if not longer. I wasn't able to determine if the shoulder pain caused the headaches or vice versa. I've had migraines before as well as tension headaches and they felt like SEVERE tension. Imitrex did nothing.

*At the tail end of the headaches occurring, I got a yeast infection. Nothing too dramatic and fairly minor as things go. I've reacting terribly to Monistat in the past (SEVERE itching, burning and swelling) so I used a medicated douche and then Grapeseed Extract.

*A few days into the yeast infection, I noticed that the skin next to the vulva, kind of in the crease between the leg/vagina/buttocks area was flaming red, itchy and sloughing away, kind of peeling. It looked like pictures I had seen of a yeast diaper rash so I assumed it was just part of the yeast infection.

*About 5 days ago I started getting body aches and a low grade temperature (99.3 or 99.4 usually) at about 2-2:30 in the afternoon. It was like clockwork. All of a sudden my whole body, joints and skin would just ache like I had the flu with fatigue and weakness. This would continue into the evening with or without the temp. In the morning it's like a switch flipped and I was back to okay until the afternoon hit.

*Just when I was getting to where enough was enough and ready to call the ob/gyn I got my period. Of course! So I've held off.

Currently the worst part are the daily body aches and the outer vaginal itching. Inside I don't feel like I have a yeast infection. The red/peeling part was getting better and then today it was like everything was on itchy fire. We're getting ready to head into a MAJOR snow storm starting tonight so it's going to be a few days before I can get in to a doc. Are these all unrelated or tied together? It's been a miserable 3-4 weeks and while each individual thing is pretty minor, overall I feel like I'm totally falling apart.
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First Helper ohcalcuta

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replied April 16th, 2011
Welcome to ehealthforum,
You should consider scheduling appointment with your gynecologist at the earliest. Your symptoms suggest possibility of yeast infection along with superadded bacterial infection. The peeling off of the skin near vulva could also be suggestive of other skin affections. See if the symptoms get better as your periods end. Do not delay your visit to your gynecologist. You might need to have a skin scarping test done to look for the causative agent and get started on both oral and topical medications to control the infection. Avoid intercourse until it gets fully controlled (if you are sexually active). Get your partner also treated simultaneously to prevent chances of re-infection.
Take care.

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replied June 20th, 2011
Have u ever been tested for herpes? It all sounds like it. visit this site. alot of people confuse herpes with yeast infection, since u have the flu symptoms it could be that.
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replied June 21st, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
douche are not great ideas, but one thing u can do is buy some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which u can find in the pharmacy area of a walmart and all Vitamin store and while at the vit store get some Pro-Biotics. what u want is very high culture counts
the coconut oil is eatable and good for u but u can mix a little with the contents of a probiotic capsule (at first it looks like a solid but as soon as u touch the oil if will melt NOW DON'T contaminate the oil by reaching in and scooping out (use a spoon) wash your hands and u can use your fingers cupped to put mixture inside and all around. WHY yeast does not like the oil and the probiotics will eat the yeast and help stop the itching
NOW ALL THAT SAID; go see Dr. especially if the otc products don't agree with u and Dr can give a prescription anti fungal that will work

HERE IS A TIP, anytime in the future that u need antibiotics (which means against life) they will kill good floura also SO TAKE the probiotics to counter this JUST separate by 3 hrs so as not to waste both since they will cancel each other out
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replied March 14th, 2014
Hi BMKS2000,
Can you post your resolution? Im having some of the same symptoms. Thanks Much
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replied September 9th, 2015
I'm male and I'm having the same symptoms (less the yeast infection). Every afternoon I get achy and my fever is 99.1 to 99.4. Usually all goes away late in the evening. A warm bath makes the aches go away but rises the temp of course. I had become obsessed with taking my temperature. One day, I said no more. That's it. It is very normal for most people to have a rise in temperature of .5 to 1 degree in the afternoon. I really think my aches and pains are due to light tension of muscles all over my body. I just try to totally relax which helps. Laying down and resting for a few minutes also helps. Also, make sure you are breathing correctly. Shallow breathing can cause to ache.
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