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body aches and weak and beyond tired all the time

I feel I am falling apart and my doctor just looks at me like I am crazy - I am 30 years old after having my 4th child 11months ago my body has been feeling worse and worse 1st thing that started was horrible pain before and during my periods not just cramps but back pain and pain near or around my ovaries no pain meds seem to help but things just seem to get worse and worse I started feeling really bloated and gassy mornings are the worst I have crazy gas and it hurts to have a bowel movement it is a sharp pain on my side - but it does not stop there I feel weak and beyond tired all the time, I can't feel because my body aches, my back, my leg, arm and shoulders all feel sore and ache if i breathe deeply i also have pain in my upper back like in my rib area but towards my back - if i go to the store or do mild daily work I become fatigued and sore all over my hands cramp and joints ache - I feel I am going crazy and that this is all in my mind but it's not the pain is real it keep me up at night my pants do not fit around my tummy area only and I am not one who tends to gain weight only in my belly when i gain weight it's everywhere evenly - my doctor finally took some blood and all the came back with was that my CK levels are slightly elevated - not sure if it is related but about 8 months ago i got life ins and they did lab work and my urine creatine was high - what could possibly be wrong with me? I am tired of seeing my doctor and getting crazy looks and no help and this is weighing heavy on my marriage my husband needs me to have strength and energy back - any ideas? please help!
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replied February 15th, 2013
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I have been going through the same thing - some symptoms I've been searching for answers for years.

About a year ago, I started having Excessive Daytime Sleepiness = Beyond tired, mental confusion, lack of coordination, and a lot more.

FINALLY, I've been referred to an Endocronologist. When she heard ALL my symptoms (or the ones I could remember), she went ahead and scheduled a whole HOST of tests to be done ASAP, and I go back to her in 10 days or so.

She's testing me for thyroid, pituitary, cortisol, celiac disease, bone density, anemia, etc. I have 7 vials of blood taken regularly (like every 3 months), but this week I feel like a pin cushion.

If YOU know something is wrong, keep searching. I've found some valuable information online.

Today my doctor suggested Medical Marijuana because my chronic pain has gotten so bad that nothing I've used so far as helped. I don't want anything stronger than the Ultram and/or Vicodin he's tried in the past.

I'm not advocating, I still haven't come to a decision regarding my personal circumstance.

My psych is going to have me do a "neuro-psych" exam to determine if I'm as stupid or crazy as I feel lately. He said it's based on my educational grade level.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm literally going crazy.
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