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Blurry peripheral vision and headache

So I have experienced this in the past, but only once, and just now do I think I have all my symptoms in a row. First, I get a temporary but sudden bout of blurry, clouded, or spotted peripheral vision. This happened yesterday right before I was about to eat lunch. Then I will get a bit of a headache, but it isn't horrible. The clouded peripheral vision lasts for 5 to 10 minutes, and then nothing will happen for about 10 to 20 minutes. The headache will remain but it won't hinder my ability to do anything. And then it gets worse. So the headache will slowly get to be absolutely unbearable, whilst my other symptoms become clearer. First, the hand on the same side as the eye that experienced the peripheral cloudiness will feel heavier, then like it is part of my body, but also not. Then the tingling begins. My hand will begin to tingle, the tingling moving up my arm, and in its wake leave my hand and then arm in its wake. It moves slowly but it is absolutely horrible to experience because then it moves into my mouth. My mouth will tingle and then become numb, going into my throat, making it so that talking is impossible, and then the tingling goes away. The numbness will subside, but now my headache is excruciating. It isn't a sharp pain, but a dull pain. Not a throb, it just remains and it feels as if someone drove a nail into the back of your eye. I will get it horrible stomach ache after this, and will want to throw up. Yesterday I threw up at around 3:00 PM. This has been happening more and more frequently. The last time it happened before yesterday was around 3 months ago. I am typically not sick, usually around two times a year but this has been happening alot more.
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