I am 24 weeks pregnant and live in a warm environment (South Florida). Since November 12th 2016, I have had bloody phlem/mucus on and off. It started at the end of my vacation in North Carolina in November. After my return the next day, I immediately went to the ER. The doctor looked at a sample of the bloody phlem and basically said it was unrelated to the preganancy and was most likely climate related. He claimed there was absolutely no reason to be concerned. That was at about 17 weeks.

One week later, I went to my gynecologist for an ultrasound checkup and to find out the gender. I mentioned this issue to my gyno doctor, and he said it is normal to see the blood flow.

But it has persisted much more frequently after.
Since then, it has probably happened between 20 to 30 times. In the beginning, it was occurring daily for about two weeks. Now it has been occurring almost weekly. This week it has happened three times.
I have noticed that anytime I have dairy including activia, chocolate milk or milk it has happened often.

Should I be concerned and is there anything I can do to stop the bloody mucus? My next appointment is two weeks away.
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