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bloody and slimy after sex

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my boyfriend and i had sex a week ago. but before i ask you my unaswered question, i will explain my boyfriend's penis first. it has two "bullets" ( little balls inserted to his penis ) but its not that large. now, heres the story. we had sex a week ago, he's influenced by drugs at that time. it took two hours and he still can't reach his ejaculation. so he pull it out because he got tired. now, my vagina became painfull and dry. next morning i saw few stains of blood in my underwear. i went home and when i went inside the bathroom the flow of the blood beacame heavy, like i've done an abortion. it took 4 days of heavy and slimy flows. i was scared so i went to my doctor. my doctor rold me its only a laceration, he prescribed me only an antibiotic. my bleeding improve and became slight. but now its been a month and i still have spots of blood in my underwear. but this time i'm experiencing itching and bloody slimy discharge, it like a bloody semen. what could this be? and what would be the treatment? please help, i need your opinion!
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replied April 29th, 2009
Community Volunteer
I would say back to the OB-GYN...Sounds like you have a good infection...Get checked out...Could be something else...

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