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Blood Pressure Treatment

Blood Pressure Treatment
Blood Pressure
Causes and Risk Factors

Blood pressure treatment
Treatments options for high blood pressure are different than those for low blood pressure.  The ultimate goal of treatment of high blood pressure is to lower your blood pressure to a healthy level.   Most adults will aim for a blood pressure below 140/90 mmHG.  However, if you have diabetes, your doctor's goal may be to lower your blood pressure to at least 135/85 mmHg or below.  

High blood pressure
Treating high blood pressure requires a life-long commitment to control the factors that increase high blood pressure.  You and your doctor can develop a plan that identifies areas to work on to decrease hypertension, such as increasing exercise, limiting salt intake, diet changes, etc.  New, healthy, life-long habits may be sufficient to control your high blood pressure, or you may need to combine these practices with medication.

Lifestyle - Changes in lifestyle can help reduce high blood pressure.  You can decrease your weight (if you are overweight).  Doctors also suggest that you eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat, cholesterol, white sugar and salt.  (Exaggerated carbohydrates intake can also result in metabolizing fat below skin and around internal organs). You can increase physical activity, totally exclude or limit alcohol to no more than one small drink per day for women or two small drinks a day for men.  To decrease hypertension you might also quit smoking and remain conscious of your blood pressure in the future.

Medication - Your doctor may recommend medications such as beta blockers, diuretics, vasodilatators, etc. to be used in combination with lifestyle changes.  Beta blockers allow your heart to pump more slowly with less force, which decreases blood flow and results in a corresponding decrease in blood pressure.  Diuretics remove excessive water from the body and also decrease hypertension.  Vasodilatators relax the walls of the blood vessels for the same effect.  Other types of drugs may reduce nerve impulses that tighten blood vessel or decrease the amount of calcium in your heart muscle and blood vessels.

Low blood pressure
Treatment of low blood pressure may not be necessary.  However, if your low blood pressure is the result of an underlying health problem (for example, diabetes), then your doctor may attempt to treat the main cause of your low blood pressure.  The main goal of treatment of low blood pressure is to raise your blood pressure to a healthy range.

Lifestyle - Low blood pressure, like high blood pressure, may involve making lifestyle changes.  Your doctor may also recommend wearing compression stockings, which reduce blood from pooling in the legs.  Other lifestyle changes include the following:

  • Consume more salt (in moderation)
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Drink more water
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Eat more frequent, small meals that are low in carbohydrates
  • Increase mineral intake
  • Move slowly when sitting or lying down to a standing position

Both high and low blood pressure usually require treatment in order to bring your blood pressure within a healthy range.  While both require different types of treatment, lifestyle changes can play an important role in treating both.  These changes must be lifelong and can accompany other healthy lifestyle choices.  As always, consult your doctor for a treatment that works best for you.

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