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Blood while having bowel movement

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I am a 41 years old woman and here is what happened on my last period.
On 7/17 I had a bowel movement, but had hard time doing it.I noticed some blood on the toilette paper, sort of bright.Latter that day I went to the bathroom a few times just to urinate, but didn't see any blood. Latter around 8PM I noticed a small amount of brownish thicker thing on my underwear.It was very small.
In the evening around 10-11 PM , I wipped again and saw some "liquidish" looking blood. A few days before the 17th I had cramps as I usually have, but they kind of diseapered during the day of 17th. In the evening when I noticed blood again, the cramps started again. Whell, next day in the morning I got like a normal looking period, usual amount of blood and cramps.
Here are my questions:
1.Is this normal? I have no history of STD or any other female problems. The only difference in this month period was that came earlier, after 23 days. In the past 6-7 months my period was strange, like it was late, I was getting it after 40-45 days. Before this my period was every 23-25 days, pretty regular for years. A bit a background: I was under stress all those months, some personal issues with my boyfriend and I didn't have sex with anyone for about 3 years. At the end of April I met a new guy and we started having se and I felt very relaxed with him. My frst period after that was closer, about 33-35 days apart from the previous one, then I had it after 23 days again. Can be this all connected?
2. Did my periosd start actually on the 17th, when I first saw a bit of blood?

Thank you.
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