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blood too thin

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hi my name is chris and i have a quick question that i don't realy feel like bothering the doctor with, but i think it's kind of important because i belive what ever is wrong with me is starting to effect me physicaly, for which i have gone to 2 doctors with (i get the feeling thier like any profesional they don't like working to hard) and both sort of blew me off, my problem i belive is i have thin blood and i kind of accedentally figured this out today. i'm led to belive this because i've always noticed and today espetally i bleed alot, a little cut to me is a lot of blood loss. but also i'm 25 and have vericos vains running up my legs that cramp up severly to the point were sometimes i wake up screaming. i always thought this was due to to thick blood because my family has a history of blood clots, but i'm now led in the opposite direction after today when a very small cut on my finger (from a razor blade) led to a gizer effect the cut was maybe a few millimeters and it took a while but i realized i don't ever have a problem with a cut that stops bleeding too quick but rather a small cut that can bleed stedy for hours. heres my question what is this caused by, what are some of the risks, what are related disorders and are there things i can do like eat certen foods or suplements or anything? i had just had my blood taken resentaly and they said everything was good, but i have my douts and i think this maybe the first issue or main issue, hopefully someone has some answers for me, thank you
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