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blood tests negative for glandular fever twice what can it be?

hi, i live in the uk and im a 36 year old mother of two, i started what i thought was flu 8 weeks ago, after a week i was tested for glandular fever which came back negative, the bloods did show an upset liver, high white cell count, low iron and inflammatory markers, i was retested for glandular fever two weeks later but still negative.
ive got terrible fatigue, malaise,a dull headache all the time and an on and off sore throat,also my glands are still uncomfortable. i am much better than i was in the first three weeks of this illness but it seems like its one step forward then two back some days.
may i add that my 3 year old son has been poorly for a week longer than i am and has the exact same symptoms and he struggles to go a whole day without a sleep, he reacted to amoxycillin given by our gp and after the first dose he vomited for 24 hours so i stopped the antibiotic streight away, the gp seems reluctant to retest for glandular fever so im in limbo, ive been off work for 8 weeks
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replied April 18th, 2012
Just thought I would update! I've been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia!!!! That explains why I've been feeling so rubbish, good luck to all you folk out there who are feeling rubbish too, its so nice but a little duanting to now have a reason why x x
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