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Blood Test Result and General condition

I am 31 years old with no excessive alcohol (weekend drinking 6-7 standard drinks) consumption but overweight . 178 cm - 108 kgs

Everything started with a strong throat pain and lots of sweat with mild fever at night .... I went to the doctor and gave me some antibiotics for .... When the antibiotics were completed the throat pain was gone but the sweat and low-mild fever continued which made go back to my GP and this time check my chest and said i could have a chest infection and gave me stronger antibiotics ... When i started with this new medication i started noticing shortness of breath ... Not at all times but time to time i felt like catching an extra breath .

This time i was very worried and went to the Hospital which they did a blood test , cardiac test , oxygen test , saliva test and xray on my chest to see what was going on with my shortness of breath and apparently they found one of my diaphragms was elevated . They are currently scheduling me for a lung function test .

During this time I start feeling weakness in my legs and arms , my stools to have clay colour and the sweat also continues if i am in a room or area which is slightly warm and I also feel like drinking lots of water. I dont feel myself and start worrying myself a lot and start doing some reading and found out lots of this conditions are due to Liver problems and also liver cancer. I havent notice any yellowing on my eyes or skin , I havent lost my appetite and also maintaining my weight ... I also havent noticed any pain on my abdominal area ... Interesting enough all this symptons started when I decided to stop drinking and didnt drink for 2 months.

I have received my blood test and my doctor has said I have a liver condition but we wouldn't be able to say what it is till we receive the ultrasound results.

The blood test result was showing ;

Sodium 140 mmol
Pot 4.2 mmol
Cholor. 104 mmol
Bicab. 26 mmol
Urea 4.4 mmol
Creat 62 umol
eGFR >90 ml
Urate 0.41 mmol
Gluc 6.3 mmol
Calcium 2.38 mmol
Phos 0.91 mmol
T.Prot 81 g/L
Albumin 42 g/L
Alk.Phos 74/UL
Bili. 22 umol
GGTP 132 U/L
AST 105 U/L
ALT 226 U/L
LD 475 U/L

Comments ;

Consistent with active hepatocellular damage. Elevated LD may be of hapatic , erythropoietic or tissue origin.

With this results the doctor thinks is unlikely to be cancer but could be hepatitis , gall stones or even a fatty liver... I just need a second opinion ... I have an 8 mths old baby and I am getting lots of stress over all this and the earliest day i can get an ultrasound is on 2 weeks time . Please any help would be so appreciated. Thanks a lot !!
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replied April 15th, 2013
Hi, Im going through a similar experience, Im 19 and have been getting some abdominal pains for a while. Blood tests were all normal apart from liver function. My alt was 84 (i think) and another value was high.

Terrified of getting cancer so young even though the chances are very low.

What has happened since you posted this? Hope you are ok
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