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Blood sugar dropped. Still not feeling good

I was just recently diagnosed with a mild case of hypoglycemia (according to my doctor), but I'm not diabetic. Last night I stayed the night at my boyfriend's house and I fell asleep while we were watching a movie. I had eaten a lot of sugar before so I knew that my sugar would drop cause I wasn't careful enough to try and balance it out later. I woke up later and felt really sick like I do when my sugar drops. Instead of doing something for it (I know, bad me!), I just tried going back to sleep. I woke up not too long after cause I have nightmares when I go to sleep and my sugar is low and I had been making noises so my boyfriend woke me to see if I was ok.

I had a slight fever (which happens when my blood sugar drops. My face gets hot.) so we tried to cool me down. I went back to sleep and woke up this morning still feeling really really sick. I felt like I had to throw up, but I couldn't get myself to actually throw up anything. I just felt completely awful. I just came home and ate some cheese and crackers and had some juice and a drink of chocolate milk, but I'm still not feeling well. I feel a little better, not as nauseous anymore, but still sick and weak.

Is this still a result of letting my blood sugar get so low? And how can I make it go away? (My doctor said my hypoglycemia isn't bad enough to cause lasting damage, but did I make it worse?)
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replied September 23rd, 2010
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Three types of hypoglycemia:

Mild hypoglycemia: At this phase, you're usually able to recognize the symptoms and treat yourself.

Moderate hypoglycemia: Symptoms are more pronounced at this level. Your thinking might be impaired, which means you may need help from someone else.

Severe hypoglycemia: This type is rare. With severe hypoglycemia, you may become unconscious or have a seizure.

Then there is reactive hypoglycemia: your symptoms will appear within the first 4 hours after you eat. Two unproven causes relate to the normal release of epinephrine hormone and glucagon secretion deficiencies.

I always keep something sweet handy, like a peppermint, butterscotch hard candy and when I do experience moments of hypoglycemia, take one and within 10-15 minutes begin to feel better.

Note that I use to eat before potatoes and such about 3 hrs before bed...then during the night I would sweat and feel feverish...was told that this is not a good sign that one could actually go into a longer go that what I eat and behave.

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