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Blood Stained Vagina Discharge

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I recently have moderate amount of blood stained vagina discharge but it lasted only for a night. It was clear the next day and I did not have any cervical discomfort and itchyness.

I recall there was an intercourse two days ago before I got the blood stained vagina discharge. Can the blood stained vagina discharge relate to the intercourse?
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replied July 26th, 2012
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Yes, it can be. Sometimes he can bang into your cervix, and cause some bruising and bleeding that can take a bit of time to come out. After or before your period, their can also be some menstrual debris in your uterus. This can come out out when your cervixrepare for ovulation or menstruation, when you have sex or masturbate.

It is also possible that the small micro tears that develop in your vagina during sex, bleed.

Also monitor your discharge for a yeast infection.

Like always, keep well lubricated during any sexual activity. Just because you are wet when you start, does not mean you will stay wet the whole time. Stay safe, and see your doctor if you have more worries.
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replied July 28th, 2012
Thank you for your helpful reply,Kristigraham. It has been lasting for few days in fact but I believe it is fading away.

I truly agree to you that there might be some micro tear of uterus or vagina wall. So I am indeed taking extra care to clean and watch out every second.

I hope that it is well soon and I will take your advice to be more careful next time. *finger cross*

Thanks a lot.
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