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Blood Pressure Levels and when to call 911

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My daughter is 39 years old and has a bad back (osteoarthoritis in the disks in her back. She is constantly in pain and on prozak and oxycoten for her pain. Last night she was in a great deal of pain and very confused. We took her blood pressure and the machine showed 159/118 with a pulse of 97. We felt that this was too high and called the paramedics. They seemed to not be extremely concerned over the blood pressure readings.

What I am looking for is some sort of general guidelines as to when we shoulld be mildly concerned, very concerned, or extremely concerned and should call for professional, emergency assistance.

Any information we can gather would be greatly appreciated. As you can understand, that kind of help is very expensive and since she has no medical insurance we need a more clearly defined decision tree.
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replied June 9th, 2010
Try searching around on the web for more information, there is a lot of good information out there from reputable resources online. My doctor told me that if my BP goes above 200/120 then I should go to emergency. So her diastolic was very high (the bottom one) but her sys was not horrible.

The pulse is within normal ranges. Mine suddenly spiked to 185/115 once and I called 911, and after 15 minutes sitting in the ambulance it was back down and I just went back in my house. She may be having panic attacks. There are other things that can cause spikes that are more serious, but this is stuff that you should talk to a doctor about. As long as that was an isolated incident it's probably not a huge deal.
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