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I created this account for my mom. She can't type so I will ask the questions for her. She's 75. She has had a few mini strokes, last scan showed around 7 of the tiny blood vessels at the base of the brain, she lost partial use of an arm for a few days during the last round. None known since starting medication a couple years ago. She has high blood pressure problems, on medication it has been all over the place, 180 over 100, commonly 150 over 90 or 80, etc. She did a stress test at the hospital, they gave her nitro, caused her to have a seizure and pass out. I waited outside for about four hours during that test, didn't find out for months what happened, and she didn't remember. Before I knew what went on with that test, they wanted her on something like nitro (we don't remember, it was slow release) for a few days in preparation for a heart test (catheterization?). The first time she took that, seizure, passed out at home, 40 minutes for the ambulance to get here, but she woke up sort of in the meantime before the ambulance came (again, they didn't mention what the nitro did the first time). On the 30 mile trip to the hospital, they said they thought they lost her, blood pressure was super low. They tried to get her on something other than Plavix (again, don't remember the name) that had vessel dilation properties, but she did not get along with that. She is now on Plavix. All tests show that her heart is good.

Anyway, she doesn't feel good most of the time. She is often cranky from the pain etc. She says her head feels "funny", pain, discomfort, etc. Her blood pressure medication has been adjusted often, they always say she doesn't react to the medication like most people. She has thyroid medication. The last couple days she stopped taking that, and the ginkgo her doctor recommended, and her blood pressure is down to borderline, but she still doesn't feel very good. She seems to stumble, she can be just standing and sort of steps back like she's about to fall, dizzy feeling but she says not like ~normal dizzy. And something she can't describe well to the doctors, but she says she can sometimes feel like "rivers" in her head.

She is on Plavix 75mg in the morning, Levothyroxine 75mcg in the morning, hydrochlorothiazide 25mg in the morning, simvastatin 20mg at night, singulair 10mg night, losartan potassium 100mg after dinner, metoprolol tartrate 50mg twice daily, clonidine .1mg noon and night, travatan eye drops at night (because she has eye pressure, and the drops aren't helping much), fosamax 70mg twice a month (bad bone deterioration, hip especially). Doctor wants her to try Spironolactone 25mg but she is ...afraid/waiting to start that, but has the prescription here. She is on Tylenol 3 as needed for pain, she has bulged disks, has had back surgery over 16 years ago, sciatic nerve problems. She doesn't take it often, skips days at a time. Her last doctor said he was unable to help her any more, so she has been with the current one about a year, a neurologist.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or comments on what needs done or where to go to try to get her to feel better? Thanks.
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replied December 29th, 2011
She felt so bad yesterday she wanted to get into the hospital. Couldn't hardly get around, had trouble holding her head up. She called the doctor to see, and he is sending out antibiotics, about the 5th time she has tried them with no change, but I guess. He suspects something in her sinuses, but it never helped before, and she doesn't act like it's just sinuses.
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