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Blood plug for leaking Tarlov cyst

Has anyone experienced a Leaking Tavlov cyst? I developed a strange headache and blurred vision . Went to neurologist who send me to brain surgeon. I was told I had a leaking Tarlov cyst and I should do a blood patch. My problem is that everything I read about these cysts deals with how to remove them if they get too big, but I cannot find any info on them leaking. And since I have a lot of them, how are they going to know which one is the problem? I am very worried because my headache is gone, but - apparently - it has provoked a brain bleed and I am strongly advised to do the patch. Everybody who went through the procedure was because of an epidural gone bad... I cannot find any literature on leaking Tarlov cysts plugged with blood patch. Very anxious to hear from anyone who went through this.
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