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Blood in vomit?

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Last night I was having a severe vomiting episode, which happens often. I was vomiting acid and brown vomit with abdominal pain and a severe headache. I still have the headache but the vomiting and abdominal pain has past for now. I have never vomited brown before. I researched blood in vomit and it can be brown. It was not coffee ground like just brown liquid like. I researched bile in vomit and it said yellow or green or yellowish green. Was I vomiting blood? If this happens again should I go to the ER? Im going to make an appointment with a doctor this coming week.
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replied June 16th, 2008
How often and for how long you have experienced vomiting episodes?
Do you feel nausea and vomit after eating or when fasting?
Have you ever experienced black stool?
Do you drink alcohol too much?
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replied October 2nd, 2008
Hi, I have the Lapband and very often have reflux at night. I try not to eat a thing after 5:30 because if I do, I will surely have it. I am still learning what works best and I think I am going to have to move the hour of having food to 3:00 and have only a protein shake at 5:30 because the food is still coming into my throat at night.
When I spit it up, it is dark like I have eaten a chocolate bar. Is this bile or blood?
My stool looks normal with no blood or darkness so I assume it is just stomach bile.
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replied March 25th, 2009
vomiting blood
i am a student. i often vomit blood everyday,and sometime my stomach so pain ,but after vomit blood i feel little bit better.
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replied December 4th, 2010
As a Lap-band patient Facilitator I wanted to mention that anytime you have the lap-band and you are coughing up blood, or brown, black stuff; you really need to call your lap-band doctor. Reflux is not acceptable either; again call your lap-band doctor. A small 'unfill' will make a world of difference in your well being and lap-band journey. Having the lap-band myself I can tell you that changing the time of your last meal from 5:30 to 3:00pm is not the answer. It's very crucial that you consistently eat the recommend daily amount. Dealing with reflux is a signal that your body is sending you saying your band is too tight and proper measures should be taken to heal the area's possibly affected by this issue.
Feel free to contact me if you would like more lap-band advice.
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replied March 21st, 2013
red color in vomit
Yesterday i was drinking alcohol in a large amount but i felt fine later in the day and after i had sobered up. I ate three slices of pizza and went to sleep but in the morning i had one stomache pain. I ate breakfast ( four eggs two slices of toast and about 32oz of chocolate milk) i went to go vomit shortly after and noticed the last bit of vomit was bright red. I figured it was from just having a hangover but maybe im wrong. I had a protien shake since and havent had any unusual pains or even had to vomit. Should i worry about anything?
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