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Blood in vagina after masterbation

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I am really scared. Last night i masterbated with the end of a hairbrush and when i pulled it out some blood was on the brush. Now im 19 years old i have had sex before, but could this be my hymen busting or is it something much more severe? please help.
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replied March 11th, 2010
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Lauren, The blood can come from different things, none of it very serious.

The most likely is that a sharp edge on the handle scratched you. Unfortunately a brush is often the only thing a girl can get a hold of to masturbate with. It is important to wash the handle and make sure it is smooth and nothing can splinter, break or scratch.

If you are close to your menstruation (and even some other times), contractions from the orgasm can make blood come out early or force out a bit of old left over blood from your uterus or cervix.

Did you have enough lubrication? It is easy to put a small tear in the vaginal wall if you are too dry.

It can also be some left over hymen that tore. Your hymen will pull back to the rim of your vaginal opening and thicken at some stage during puberty. Once that happens, the chances are good that there will always be some remnants left behind until you give birth or meet a very well endowed man or toy. So it is very possible that your left over hymen got damaged. You can always take a mirror and look at what is going on there. You should be able to see the bloody edge if it tore. It is anyways a good idea for you to take a good long look at how things look down there so that you can know if something change later.

At 19 you are a young woman now. Get yourself a dildo or vibrator to masturbate with. Also get some personal lubricant. Online shops will ship it in plain brown paper so you will not have to be embarrassed. A dildo is the most reliable as it does not have batteries and a motor that can make it break. A nice glass/ceramic/acryllic dildo is easy to hide and clean and feels fantastic. The simple ones are very cheap. Just search around a bit.

If you are still bleeding and it is very heavy (and it is not your period), or it does not stop, you will have to see your doctor. It sounds like it might just have been some cervical mucus with blood and it stopped immediately so I do not think this will be necessary.

Take care and happy orgasms!
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