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Blood in urine and elevated enzymes

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I recently started exercising after a long layoff. I guess you can call me a couch potato.
I'm a 43 yo male, 5'11", 170lbs. I am treated for high blood pressure (diltiazem 240mg), high cholestrol (crestor 10mg) and anxiety disorder (bupropion 150mg x 2 daily)

As I said, I recently started exercising again with a co worker who's been exercising regularly. I started lifting weights with him on Monday. We did chest and shoulder exercises. On Tuesday I was a little sore but nothing I considered bad. He wanted to lift again so I did.....I guess I was just trying to keep up. We did back excercises and biceps. Wednesday I was really sore expecially my biceps. They were sore to the touch and I couldn't straighten them....I was really in pain. I decided that I would just run on the treadmill on Wednesday and did about 3-4 miles walking and jogging.

Thursday morning I woke up and had blood in my urine. I went straight to my doc and he did a urine test. Definitely blood in my urine. He told me to drink plenty of fluids and come back in a couple of days for a follow up. He said that sometimes this happens when you push it too hard while exercising. I wasn't too satisfied with that so I went to the emergency room that afternoon. They did a urine test, blood test and ct scan. Urine test showed 2-5 blood cells, which he said wasn't too high (0-2 being normal) everything else was fine, kidneys functioning normally. Blood tests showed everything in the normal range except for ALT and AST. I think he said AST was 50 x normal and ALT was 20 x normal. CT showed a very small kidney stone in left kidney. He said that it was not likely the cause since it is very small and I had none of the symptoms of a kidney stone attack.
He didn't think that exercise could have done this. He suggested that I follow up with my doctor and get more blood testing done.

I went back to my doc on Friday and, he called the hospital to get my tests. He ordered more blood test which I am awaiting the results. Tested for Hep and some other things. He said it was unlikely that exercise caused the blood in urine and high ALT and AST but didn't rule it out. He told me to stop taking the Crestor for now.

The blood test came back negative for hepatitis, hiv and other. The AST and ALT was still elevated.

Does this sound like results of strenuous exercise? My upper body was sore but my biceps were very sore and so tight that I could not straighten my arms. The pain in my lower biceps was incredible.
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replied October 25th, 2009
Soreness after working out.
I would pursue the tests, since your muscles can't outdo themselves. If you are capable of doing 10 sets of curls with 100lbs, 10 reps, even though it hurts, you shouldn't have soreness that is to the point of being that painful. I do understand the arms not wanting to straighten. You probably, or more than likely have some type of fatigue poisoning. It will go away. John Davenport [The working out won't hurt you]
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